Center of Excellence

Bridging the gap between recreational and club soccer.  COE Director, Glen Gamble, will be selecting a small group of hand-picked soccer players, male and female, aged between 6-12 who will be professionally trained and coached in a challenging but fun environment. All sessions will be developmentally appropriate to each individual, focusing on technique and tactical awareness used in soccer, therefore physically and mentally preparing each player for the transition from recreational to competitive soccer. Glen Gamble will personally train this elite group of young players in all aspects of soccer development over a period of 5 weeks.

The registration for this program is on an invitation only basis, If you are fortunate enough to be selected for the Academy, you will receive a letter of invitation. If you wish to accept the invitation, simply follow the instructions on the letter to register online.

For all players (Boys and Girls U6-U12), please contact Glen Gamble.

COE Schedules


MON/WED 4:45-6pm
G06/G07 – Chris
G08/G09 – Jamie
B09/B10 – Darryl
B03/B05 – Callum
B06/B07 – Adam

B03/B05 – Jamie
B03/B05 – Adam
B08 – Darryl
G03/G05 – Chris
B03/B05 – Callum
TUES/THURS 4:45-6pm
B06/B07 – Jamie
G08/G09 – Chris
B06/B07 – Callum
B09/B10 – George

TUES/THURS 6:15-7:30pm
G03/G05 – Chris
B03/B05 – Callum
B08 – George

For any questions on Center of Excellence, please contact Glen Gamble.