College Commits

As part of the LA Galaxy OC College Placement Program, all players U13-19 players will receive professional guidance and mentoring to help them achieve their collegiate goals. Each year, we have a number of our players commit to colleges around the country. Here are our latest College Commits.

Ally Lozano


Jen Garfias

Jessica Ruggieri

Ally has committed to play for UC Merced in Northern California for 2017. The former LAGOC Goalkeeper is now a biology major. Follow Ally’s progress here.

Jen has joined Cal State University Dominguez Hills women’s team for 2017. She spent four years at LAGOC, playing under Head Coach Tim Woodcock, and is now a Business Sports, Entertainment & Hospitality Management. Follow Jen’s progress here.

Jessica has committed to UC San Diego for 2018. She is currently playing for G99 Premier Woodcock.

K.C. Smith


K.C. has committed to Westmont College for 2018. K.C. is a member of B99 Premier Tutton.