Junior Development League

The Junior Development League is the foundation of LA Galaxy Orange County, serving over 2000 recreational players in Irvine, Tustin and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to providing a fun, safe and developmentally appropriate community based soccer program. It is our mission to deliver a program where players have the opportunity to improve, technically, whilst having fun, building a love of the game and progress within our Player Pathway as appropriate to them.

We value the role of volunteers within the community and have an extensive coach support program planned for 2018. We supplement this with our professional trainers and paid referees to enable coaches to focus on the child, the game and your child’s soccer experience.

 Fall 2018 Registration NOW OPEN! 

Coach Support


Professional Training

Play With Friends

Increased training and support for all Junior Development League coaches for 2018

All Junior Development League players can attend our Pro Skills training sessions, delivered by professional coaches, at no additional cost

LAGOC makes every effort to support friend and coach requests, to maximize your child’s soccer experience


About Us

The LA Galaxy OC Junior Development Leagues is designed as a fun instruction-based soccer league for 4 to 14-year-old boys and girls. These leagues combine learning in a fun and positive environment, and the excitement of league play through small-sided games.

Each well-thought-out session is designed to introduce young players to fundamental, age appropriate soccer techniques through fun games, and then put these newly learned skills immediately to use by playing small- sided games. The program operates under the simple philosophy that kids learn by playing. Thus, everyone plays virtually 100% of the time, in both practice and games – no lines, short explanations and lots of touches on the ball.

LA Galaxy OC Player Pathway Pyramid

It is our goal that through volunteer coaching and by playing in a fun-filled environment which encourages learning, that this program will provide children with the foundation to enjoy the game of soccer for many years to come.

LA Galaxy makes every effort to support friend and coach requests to help maximize a childs’ soccer experience.

Please mark any requests during the registration process as they cannot be added after.

All our volunteer coaches have been subjected to and passed background checks through live scan, will have received their F coaching license from Cal South and are part of our ongoing coach development and training program.

U6 – U12 teams will practice once a week (either 4:45pm – 6:00pm or 6:00pm – 7:15pm).

To supplement the volunteer coaching program we have the LA Galaxy OC PRO SKILLS Program.

Registration for the Junior Development League Fall 2018 season includes:

  • Practices beginning in August
  • 10 weeks of training (1 practice per week)
  • NINE weeks of games
  • End of season tournament
  • Small sided games to help develop “creative” players
  • 1 session per week with volunteer coach – click here to volunteer to coach
  • Daily Pro Skills sessions with professional trainer (attend as many as you’d like)
  • Coach mentoring sessions with a professional trainer available to aid volunteer coach
  • Professional season long curriculum
  • Balanced bracketing – equal ability teams can play against each other
  • Play with friends program
  • Adidas uniform for players
  • Paid referees – no volunteer requirement
  • End of season trophies
  • A clear progression through our Player Pathway
Practices start: August 27th 
Season starts: September 8th
End of season tournament: November 3rd

Pro Skills

At LA Galaxy OC we believe that, to play the game, our children should have as many tools as possible.

The Pro Skills Program is an age appropriate, skills development program taught by professional coaches, available Monday through Thursday during the season. It is designed to help players improve outside of their normal team training sessions. The Pro Skills clinic sessions are delivered by our staff of professional coaches.

This program is included as part of the registration fee for all of our Junior Development League players.

“LA Galaxy OC’s ProSkills Clinic is an AMAZING resource for players to refine their skills.  My children used to kick the ball and chase it, but after attending the ProSkills Clinics, my kids are controlling the ball, dribbling, moving and passing with purpose.  It has helped them offensively as well as defensively.  Now they play soccer with confidence and, thus, they are having more fun than ever before!” – Kristina Izumita-Sousa

Players can attend as many sessions as they’d like, Monday through Thursday.

Pro Skills 2018 Spring schedule:

** FREE ** Pro Skills Program @ Sierra Vista Middle School, Irvine

Program runs each week Monday through Thursday. The program will start Monday March 19th, and conclude Thursday May 17th. 

Please note that the Pro Skills schedule varies slightly on Mondays. 

Sessions are open to every recreational player (Boys and Girls) at the following times on Mondays. 

5.00pm – 5.45pm – Boys/Girls 2012-2010

5.45pm – 6.30pm – Boys/Girls 2009-2008

6.30pm – 7.15pm – Boys/Girls 2007 and older

Sessions are open to every recreational player (Boys and Girls) at the following times on Tuesday through Thursday.

4.30pm – 5.30pm – Boys/Girls 2012-2010

5.30pm – 6.30pm – Boys/Girls 2009-2008

6.30pm – 7.30pm – Boys/Girls 2007 and older

** FREE ** Pro Skills Program @ Pioneer Middle School, Tustin

Program runs each week Monday.  The program will start Monday March 19th, and conclude Monday May 16th.

Sessions are open to every recreational player (Boys and Girls) at the following times.

4.30pm – 5.30pm – Boys/Girls 2012-2010

5.30pm – 6.30pm – Boys/Girls 2009-2007 and older


Practices take place one day per week Monday through Thursday. The field location/practice time is determined by the coach along with the parents based on the needs and availability of the team/coach. Practice location/time requests are not taken. Please adjust your schedule accordingly with the coach/assigned team.

Players are expected to bring to practice:

  • Ball
  • Shin guards
  • Drink

Coaches Corner

We are always looking for coaches who would be prepared to volunteer their time to take a bigger part of your son/daughter’s progression as a soccer player……..and it is much easier than you think! We help you along the way to make it as easy as possible!

The requirements to coach within the LAGOC recreational soccer program are very simple:

  • F license or higher
  • If you do not hold an F license or higher, you must go to the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center and complete Introduction to Grassroots Coaching which is a short video. Click here for DCC (use this as the hyperlink – https://dcc.ussoccer.com/ 
  • Concussion course (this is an online 1 hour class) – Click here to complete the course.
  • Livescan background check
  • Complete a Cal South Administrator Form
  • Attend the pre-season coaches training meeting
    Note: If you are a returning coach you only need to fill out an updated Cal South Administrator form. Steps 1-3 only need to be completed one time and we will have a copy on file with the club.

LA Galaxy OC will support you as a coach with:

  1. A free coaching class before the season starts – Fall training date to be determined.
  2. Coaching equipment
  3. Professional training support – coach mentoring from an LA Galaxy professional coach to conduct your session (sign up based program – see below)
  4. A season long coaching curriculum.
  5. Practice fields professionally set up for your practice sessions.
  6. Paid for and scheduled referees for your games – no need to source your own refs
  7. Our Pro Skills Program – where your players can attend and develop individual skills outside of practice. You don’t have to be able to teach EVERYTHING!
  8. A goalkeeper program – to help players in this position, so you don’t have to.
  9. Bi weekly newsletter with coaching tips
  10. Periodic coach training events with select partners including our club Director of Coaching

Plus you receive $100 credit towards your registration fee!

Coaches Compliance

All volunteer coaches must be licensed with the minimum F license. If you do not hold a current F or E license you must watch a FREE 20 minute Introduction to Grassroots Coaching after creating a profile at US Soccer Digital coaching center. 

Click here to go to the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center.  

Please read the coaches code of conduct

Coaching Resources

Here are some resources provided by Cal South, to aid in your session planning


Parents Corner

Key Dates:

Coaches Training: February 24th
Parent Meeting: Wednesday February 28 at Jeffrey Trail Middle School
5.00 – 6.00pm: 2010 – 2012
6.15 – 7.15pm: 2008 – 2009
7.30 – 8.30pm: 2007 – 2004

Practices Begin: March 5th
Season Begins: March 17th
End of Season Tournament: May 19th/20th
Pro Skills Clinic Begins: March 19th
Picture Days: April 14th, 21st and 28th*

  • *Photos will be taken at least 30 minutes prior to your game time at your game field (there may be one field whose teams, for that day, need to go elsewhere just for pictures).
  • Your team should show up, together, in uniform with their coach, ready for pictures and check in with the photographer.
  • Each player receives a 4×6 team photo, should you wish to purchase additional items, please bring the completed form along with you.
  • Pictures will be returned and available for pick up by the team coach on May 5th, at your game location.
  • Take form, fill out and bring to picture day. You can access the form HERE

Click here to see the parents code of conduct



(Please sign the last page).

Cal South Form


Form Guide:

For League: “Junior Development League”
For Club: “LA Galaxy OC”
For Age Group: Put players birth year
Division: Can be left blank
Team ID number: Can be left blank


Click here to see the FAQs

Practices start: August 27th 
Season starts: September 8th
End of season tournament: November 3rd


LA Galaxy Orange County Junior Development League is in need of parent volunteers ton help in the smooth operation of the season.

Here are a list of roles available.

If you are interested in any of these roles, please contact recleagues@lagalaxyoc.com

Format Of Play

Spring Format

Build Out Line

U6 Additional Rules

U7-U12 Additional Rules

U14 Additional Rules

2012: U6 players play 4v4, size 3 ball, 4 x 10 minutes
2011: U7 players play 6v6, size 4 ball, 4 x 10 minutes
2010: U8 players play 6v6, size 4 ball, 4 x 10 minutes
2009: U9 players play 7v7, size 4 ball, 2 x 25 minutes
2008: U10 players play 7v7, size 4 ball, 2 x 25 minutes
2007: U11 players play 9v9, size 4 ball, 2 x 25 minutes
2006: U12 players play 9v9, size 4 ball, 2 x 25 minutes
2005: U13 players play 11v11, size 5 ball, 2 x 30 minutes
2004: U14 players play 11v11, size 5 ball, 2 x 30 minutes

For further information on the Junior Development League, please contact Program Director, Albert Moushabek – recleagues@lagalaxyoc.com.