As the 2016 league season comes to a close we would like to congratulate all of our competitive teams on what was, collectively, a strong performance from the club.

“Congratulations to all of our teams for a well-played fall season,” commented LAGOC Technical Director, Tim Woodcock. “I have had the pleasure of watching many games this season and the improvement in each team is significant. Well done to all our very dedicated coaches, players and parents!”

League Champions
B04 Kelsey – SCDSL Flight 3
B04 Bright – SCDSL Flight 2

League 2nd Place Finish
G04 Stansfield – SCDSL Flight 2
G01 Oakes – SCDSL Flight 1 Europa
B99 Tutton – SCDSL Flight 1 Champions

League 3rd Place Finish
G04 Winn – SCDSL Flight 2
G03 Woodcock – SCDSL Flight 1 Europa
B03 Trembly – SCDSL Flight 1 Europa
G02 Woodcock – SCDSL Flight 1 Europa
B02 Gamble – SCDSL Flight 1 Europa
B02 Bright – SCDSL Flight 2
G01 Scott – SCDSL Flight 2

*No standings for 06/07/08/09