LA Galaxy Orange County has added Coach Carlos Gonzales to our list of talented coaches. Carlos would like to share the message below:

“This is an exciting time for the club and I am looking forward to being a part of the team and working with all the coaches, players and families!

Not only will I have the opportunity to work with such a great youth club in Orange County, but we will also have amazing opportunities to work closely with LA Galaxy and their professional staff!

Working with LA Galaxy Orange County will give us a clear pathway for coaches and players to develop and accomplish their goals.

So far my experience has been top notch and extremely professional! We’ve had the opportunity to tour the entire LA Galaxy training facility and get behind the scenes insight on how they run their programs.

LA Galaxy is at the forefront of MLS in this country and they are always pushing the envelope to get better and make an overall impact to improve the game in this country!

Tim and the entire coaching staff have been extremely professional and cannot wait to get started!”

– Carlos Gonzales

LAGOC Coach Carlos Gonzales Bio