Enrichment Program

We’re very excited this year to be able to offer additional summer training and player enrichment clinics for a significantly reduced price in partnership with A3 Education.


Program Details
Dates:Mondays August 7th, 14th and 21st @ Northwood Park (Field A) or
Fridays August 4th, 11th and 18th @ Settlers Park

Mondays: Beginners 9:00am – 10.30am; Intermediate / Advanced 10.30am – 12:00pm
Fridays: Beginners 4.30pm – 6.00pm; Intermediate / Advanced 6.00pm – 7.30pm


*A player is only eligible to register for a single A3 Education clinic at the same time.


This session will be focused around the key FUNdamentals of Soccer, following an age appropriate curriculum for all levels of play.  The sessions will be technical field based plus learning modules on:

Player characteristics
Player development through home learning

OUR STAFF: All staff are fully qualified, professional LA Galaxy OC coaches. There is an approximate 12-1 player to coach ratio.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: The philosophy is simple…we don’t make players, we give players the tools to make themselves. We believe players can be as good as they want to be, but that comes from relentless work. A player will not be made in the 1-2 hours a week they spend with us. It is the other 6 days a week that will determine how they progress. Each session we instill fundamentals, correct flaws, and give players the activities and coaching points that they need to focus on when they are not with us. When a player returns the following week it is obvious if they have spent the time on their own putting in the work. No question they will improve in their time out on the field with us, but if work is not put in when they are on their own that growth will be minimal.

GRADE LEVELS: Training is for players in grades 1st through 5th.

TRAINING: Our training is for all soccer players, be it beginner or advanced. The fundamentals and mechanics being taught can be applied to players in any soccer program, at all levels.

Please note that when registering for these clinics the player will also be registered in A3’s summer enrichment program. What does this mean for the player? It simply means the athlete will receive a Complete for their attendance at the clinic. They do not receive any type of school units. This is not optional. If a player would prefer not to be enrolled in the enrichment program they can still register at the regular price of $75 per program (3 sessions). Please contact rob.harrison@lagalaxyoc.com on how to register in this way.

Contact Us
Ben Loughlin

A3EnrichmentProgram-Fall17 (pdf – please print and bring first day)