Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of becoming an LA Galaxy Alliance Club?

  • Shared vision for the future of youth soccer and commitment to individual player development at all levels and ages as the primary focus of our program
  • Mutual commitment to raising the standards of youth soccer in Irvine and the greater Orange County area
  • Collaboration to enhance and further develop our existing club-wide curriculum to create a nationally recognized and respected standard for player development
  • Strengthen our continual professional coaching education program through access to LA Galaxy Academy training methods, resources, programs and on-site training for coaches.
  • Creates a clear and direct pathway into the LA Galaxy Academy system
  • Provides a higher level of exposure and support for collegiate bound athletes through LA Galaxy programs and network
  • Exclusive game day experiences for our players at StubHub Center

LA Galaxy is a men’s club. What’s in it for the girls program?
While LA Galaxy is a professional men’s MLS club, our partnership with LA Galaxy gives all of our players (boys and girls) a direct pathway to play within the ‘Fully Funded’ LA Galaxy US Development Academy programs, sanctioned by the US Soccer Federation.

In addition, we believe that by having access to cutting edge resources, professional coaching, structured curriculum, state of the art facilities and a nationally recognized brand will pay dividends for ALL members—boys, girls, olders, youngers, recreational and competitive.

What competitions will the girls play in?

  • Southern California Development Soccer League
  • Southern California National Premier League
  • USYS National League
  • California Regional League
  • Western College Development Association

What competitions will the boys play in?

  • Southern California Development Soccer League
  • Southern California National Premier League
  • USYS National League
  • California Regional League
  • Western College Development Association

What is the LA Galaxy Emerging Talent Program?
Each month the top players from all LA Galaxy alliance clubs will be invited to attend a training camp with LA Galaxy academy staff. Selection will be based on ability, attitude, drive and desire.

When will the partnership take effect?
We will transition to LA Galaxy Orange County as of the 1st January 2017.

Will our club be changing names?
Yes. The club will be called LA Galaxy Orange County.

Will the partnership effect our relationship with the City of Irvine?
No. We will continue to work with the City of Irvine as usual and play on Irvine fields.

Will we be changing uniforms?
Yes. 2017 will be a new uniform year. All uniforms will be consistent with LA Galaxy design and color schemes. Every two years the club moves to a new uniform. We will become an Adidas partner club.

Will the partnership affect our club structure?
No. Our board of directors, directors of coaching, coaches and staff will remain intact and continue to function as usual under the new name. LA Galaxy will serve as a support function for our members and staff.

How will the alliance affect the recreational programs?
Our recreational League will become LA Galaxy Junior Development League and will continue to operate in exactly the same way and stay closely aligned with our competitive program. Players will wear the uniform of the #1 MLS team in the nation. Coaches will have access to LA Galaxy coaching resources and training.

Are we sponsoring the MLS team LA Galaxy?
LA Galaxy Orange County will continue to operate with no changes to our Non-Profit 501c3 status. Our fundraising programs will continue to work in exactly the same way with all funds supporting our local club.

How will my club fees be affected?
As a non-profit organization, we are committed to keeping our fees competitive in the marketplace. Operational costs associated with LA Galaxy include a licensing fee to use the logo and will be very minimal. The partnership will also give our members access to reduced ticket prices and opportunities to fundraise through ticket sales.

Will LA Galaxy fund or support our club financially?
LA Galaxy has agreed to assist with some costs associated with the club re-brand, but nothing else. They have agreed to support our fundraising efforts whenever possible. The LA Galaxy Foundation will also work with our club to support community outreach events chosen by our club.