Welcome to the new LAGOC Success Stories feature. We will be looking at players that have progressed from our Recreation programs to our Competitive teams.

Then and Now: Garrett Lindsay as a U5 (left), and playing for B09 PDA Hamilton (right)

Current B09 PDA Hamilton player Garrett Lindsay has progressed up the Player Pathway Pyramid, having started with the club in Spring 2014 in our U5 Lil Dribblerz program. He was coached by current Club coaches Ben Loughlin and Adam Rider, before being selected for Graeme Jennings Pre-Club Academy (PCA) team in Spring 2015. PCA teams are formed to prepare talented young players for competitive club soccer, which begins at U8. Players begin to learn about playing as a team, in addition to individual techniques.

Lil Dribblerz Program Director, Adam Rider, said: “Garrett showed great potential from U5. We could tell early on that he would be an ideal candidate for one of our club teams”.

“When working with young players, we ensure we teach our players the correct techniques so they pick up good habits. Garrett was a player that developed good habits very early on”.

In 2016, Garrett was offered a position on his first club team with B08 Gold Jennings, playing alongside players an entire year older.  The team competed in SCDSL (Southern California Developmental League) Tier 3 during the Fall season, and Garrett continued to impress all coaches within his age group.

LA Galaxy OC Player Pathway Pyramid

Garrett then received the ultimate reward for his hard work and good performances, by being offered a position on Scott Hamilton’s B09 PDA team, who will play in SCDSL Tier 1 this Fall season.

Scott Hamilton said: “Garrett is the perfect example of a player that has progressed up the Player Pathway Pyramid. LAGOC identify a clear route from Recreation Soccer, and our Recreation Programs, all the way through to our Competitive Club teams, and beyond”.

Congratulations, Garrett Lindsay!