Premier Program (U12-U19)

The objective of the LA Galaxy Orange County ‘Premier Program’ is to provide a highly competitive environment for the elite player looking to maximize their potential and prepare for collegiate and professional opportunities. Under our age appropriate curriculum members of our Premier Program will thrive in a demanding environment and enjoy the rewards of a deep commitment to playing the game at the highest level. Our Premier Program teams will mainly compete in the Southern California Developmental Soccer league at the Flight 1 level and will practice and play on our premium allocated fields throughout the year.

Our emphasis is on identifying players who wish to be student athletes and understand the importance of high academics in helping find college opportunities. We are very proud to have produced AND placed players in some of the best athletic and academic schools across the country. Members of the LA Galaxy Orange County teams have won national championships, earned professional contracts both here in the US and abroad, represented the US on youth and full national teams.  It is our goal to continue to develop our future players to allow them all to reach their potential and get the most out of their soccer career.

Overall Objective

  • Provide a highly competitive and challenging environment that will maximize the full potential of elite individuals and teams
  • Practice and play at a WORLD CLASS facility that provides the necessary field space  and playing surface for today’s elite youth player
  • Wear quality performance Adidas apparel and use professional quality balls and equipment
  • Educate players and parents on preparation leading up to college and develop a college mentoring program for EACH INDIVIDUAL PLAYER.
  • Compete in as many college showcase tournaments and National events as possible
  • Cultivate and sustain an environment that continually demonstrates that our sincere interest in our members as people, humans and in their future.
  • Commitment to continued education of coaching staff to ensure proper preparation for the transition from the youth to collegiate level.
  • Create a constant recruiting scheme that attracts additional players and families that enhance our culture
  • Utilize ALL players from Irvine and surrounding areas as a player pool to create teams.
  • Play in as many tournaments as groups of teams with as many teams as possible.  Strength in numbers will allow more visibility.

Tournament Schedule

National Showcase Tournaments and Events:
• Disney Showcase (Florida) • US Club Soccer – National League
• Dallas Cup (Texas) • Albion Cup
• Pleasanton Rage (N. Cal) • Nomads College Showcase
• Players College Showcase (Las Vegas) • National Premier League
• Surf Cup • Cerritos Memorial Challenge
• November Nights Showcase • West Coast

I.D. Camps

College Residential ID camps for top teams – DIV -UCI, SDSU, CSUSB, UCSB and Stanford for experience at U14-U16.
College specific camps that players are interested in attending for school U17-U19.

In addition, we also offer the following benefits:

  • College Showcase events
  • College ID camps
  • College recruitment and mentoring program
  • LAGOC College Selection Workshop and Awareness Program
  • SAQ training
  • Pro Soccer Development Comprehensive Player Evaluation Model
  • Out of state National Showcase events
  • DA & DA2 opportunities

Extra-Curricular Training with ‘A’ Licensed Coaches

World Class Training Facilities

National & International Showcase Tournaments