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U.S. Soccer is making major changes to the way that they develop young players and investing in the
coaching of youth players. The changes will go into effect in 2016/17 in the hope is that U.S. Soccer
can produce more skillful and intelligent young players.

We are a step ahead at LA Galaxy Orange County:
During the past 18 months, LAGOC Technical Director, Tim Woodcock, has been working
on finding a ‘Player Development System’ that best suits our club, teams and players.

Through lots of research in the U.S. and overseas we are excited to announce that we have created a
BRAND NEW “Soccer Education Process” and a “Coaching Curriculum” which will be consistent
throughout the club.

Using this periodized planning program, it is our intention to produce technically and tactically superior
players who, with a winning mentality, can compete at the very highest levels, through playing a club
implemented playing style – “Effective Possession Based Soccer”

This playing style can currently be seen at clubs such as Bayern Munich FC (Germany), Barcelona FC
(Spain), Arsenal FC (England) and also the Spanish, German and Dutch National teams.
This Process and Curriculum through “age appropriate development” will ensure that LA Galaxy Orange County is at the forefront of youth soccer and player development for many years to come.
We have already rolled out the NEW CURRICULUM by educating our coaches of the Elite Academy, U7
Pre-Club Academy and U8/U9/U10 LAGOC teams.
We are now phasing in the coaching process with our U11 to U19 competitive club coaches.

The impact of this program will be immediate, with all teams and players benefitting from this NEW
Soccer Education Process. However, we are shooting for the stars with our ultimate goal, through the
implementation of “Project 22”, to develop and produce players for the top flight and with a lot of hard
work and a little luck the US National Team by the year 2022.

In the meantime, the “Project 22” effect will have an impact and ALL PLAYERS who we believe can
achieve and attend:
• US Training Centers
• Olympic Development Program
• US Junior National Teams
• College Scholarships
• Team tournament success
• Overseas placements
• And more……………..

Coming together is the beginning! Keeping together is progress! Working together is success!