LA Galaxy OC celebrated a successful 2017 Fall season in the Southern California Developmental Soccer League.

In the club’s inaugural year as the fifth LA Galaxy Alliance Club, NINE league titles were secured, including five Flight 1 Champions, and four Flight 2 Champions.

LAGOC Secured NINE SCDSL League Titles

Flight 1 winners included:

G04 Premier Gonzales
G01 Premier Cruz
B04 Premier Gamble
B01 Premier Calderson
G99 Premier Woodcock.

While the Flight 2 winners were:

G05 Silva
B05 Premier Gamble
B02 Gold Olivera
G04 Gold Silva.

LA Galaxy OC Technical Director, Tim Woodcock, said: “We’ve had an incredibly successful year, and are very proud of our league champions”.

“We feel a huge responsibility representing the LA Galaxy, and look forward to continuing this level of success”.

LAGOC also celebrated Play-Off victories this past weekend. The SCDSL Play-Offs took place at the Silverlakes Soccer facility in Norco, CA. The winners were:

B02 Premier Gamble
B99 Premier Tutton
G03 Premier Woodcock

All three were crowned Play-Off winners with 2-0, 6-0 and 4-0 victories respectively. Great job, guys!

LA Galaxy OC are hosting club tryouts week commencing Monday November 27. For more information, or to register for a tryout, click here.